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How do you prepare and could you survive a doomsday disaster?
Are you ready for when the SHTF.?


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Welcome to my website:

UK Preppers Guide is a website dedicated to all things Bushcraft, Survival and Prepping.
I like to think that prepping is something that encompasses all factors of survival and bushcraft skills. You'll find there are hundreds of pages on many different topics, some with video's as well, although I do have a separate YouTube Channel where you'll find over 100 videos.

You will find articles from self defence and the law, to skinning a rabbit. From dealing with hypothermia to how to make survival bread. Over 500 different articles covering all aspects of keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.

Happy Prepping Folks,

You can see all of my blog post articles right here, or if you prefer, why not take a look at all the PREPPING articles, Find them hereIf you fancy BUSHCRAFT, That's here or maybe you just want a bit of SURVIVAL, Just click here.
In fact, you can find all the specific related articles you want.
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Also see my YouTube Channel featuring over 100 videos.

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