550 Paracord projects

550 Paracord projects paracord 1


550 Paracord is a very versatile and strong and lightweight cord that can be adapted for many uses and reused for survival situations where a strong dependable cord is required.

550 Paracord is essentially parachute cord that is used to connect the main chutes to the harness, but has now been adapted to make many items that give you various lengths of paracord that can be used by preppers.

In this particular article I want to show you some of the many 550 Paracord Projects you can make using various lengths of 550 paracord that will then simply double up as a very useful item to be used with your bug out bag survival kit. 



What is 550 Paracord..

Paracord is braided sheath made up of a high number of interwoven strands of cord. This gives it a relatively smooth texture and feel. The all-nylon construction makes paracord a bit elastic, which, depending on what it is to be used for, can be either an asset or a liability.

There is no set overall diameter requirements in its specifications, but, in the field 550 cord will generally measure approximately 4 mm in diameter.  

The figure 550 relates to the minimum strength of the cord at 550lb.

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20 top uses for  550 Paracord for survival..

  1. Building Shelters  paracord shelter
  2. Tourniquet
  3. Fire bow drill string
  4. Fishing line
  5. Repairing broken equipment   
  6. Tie on a splint
  7. Handle on an improvised weapon
  8. Replacement Shoe Laces
  9. Rig an improvised hammock 
  10. Repair Torn Clothing
  11. Tie down items during a windstorm
  12. String up a Clothes line (Staying dry means staying warm)
  13. Tie things to your backpack  paracord knife handle
  14. Replacement drawstring for bags or clothing
  15. Make a fishing stringer
  16. Make a sling for your arm
  17. Make a belt to hold your trousers up
  18. Create a bow string for a bow and arrow
  19. Use it to hang equipment up
  20. Tie together a sharp rock and stick to create a spear or weapon or tool



 Probably the most common 550 paracord project is the basic paracord bracelet, which will give you 8 feet of usable paracord. But... if you consider that there's 7 strands in each, then that makes over 50 feet of very useful, strong cord in a simple bracelet you just wear around your wrist.

The type of bracelet clips and links you use will also form part of your survival kit.

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This is a paracord bracelet made in Desert Camo cord and will cost you less than £3....!    

View more information here: Paracord Bracelet with Stainless Steel Bow Shackle







Excellent video showing how to make your own 550 paracord bracelet:


 Most 550 paracord projects are easy to complete once you get the hang of the basic principles and you will soon find yourself completing them with no trouble - also, just as a footnote, it's important to use quality paracord and for this I use, and highly recommend the Wild Elk brand of military grade paracord - check out my Wild Elk Paracord review here.



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