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I've been involved in Prepping, to one degree or another, for over 40 years. Sometimes I do a lot of prepping, sometimes I don't.
But I've stuck at it, and out of my 'hobby' came this website and I been running it now since early 2013.

I started out reviewing products

Originally I started out with a few prepping articles and reviews and found that people were viewing the pages, which made me think there must be a demand for this!

Now many years on the site has hundreds of articles, covering all aspects of prepping, bushcraft and survival.

Thousands of people come to the site each day and hopefully, they find out the information they want.

Practice Makes Perfect.

As part of this site, I have also started documenting some of the things that I do, like the various bugout practices and bushcraft trips. I also video them to add to the UK Preppers Guide YouTube channel.

This has given me many subscribers who are genuinely interested in prepping, leaving many encouraging comments and words of wisdom.

Find all my videos on YouTube

I've also given talks on the subject of prepping and how to increase your chances of survival, and get a very positive response. It makes people think about a subject they otherwise would of ignored...

Also if you take a look at the  Press Page, you can see all the TV and radio work I have done in connection with prepping.

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