Best Budget Fixed Blade Survival Knife For Prepping

 Best Budget Fixed Blade  
Survival Knife For Prepping

Rok Survival Knife
By HX Outdoors
Full Video Test And Review

In this knife review I am looking at the ROK Survival Knife by HX Outdoors - In my knife reviews I try to be as accurate and honest as possible, highlighting both the good and the bad features of the knife.

Right from the start I must say I am very impressed with this knife.

As far as a bushcraft styled survival knife goes, this Rok definitely ticks all the boxes - it is a very well thought out knife, that's equally well made.

* Main Features Of The Rok Survival Knife

The Rok's design is that of a typical bushcraft style knife, in both looks and shape, except for the appearance where it is presented in a very tactical looking way.

The dark grey, almost black colour runs throughout the knife with a matching D2 steel,drop point blade in the dark coating, and the handle sporting the  dark coloured G10 scale.

This knife feels very solid and really does fit nicely in your hands.  The firm G10s are lightly machined to give you good grip, and all the time I have used it, there has been no slipperyness. The Rok also has a lanyard hole for adding a cord for extra safety if you wish.

* Specifications:


For: Other Outdoor Sports,Climbing,Camping,Hiking,Adventure,Mountaineering

Product Details

Handle Material: G10 
Blade Material: D2 steel 
Hardness: 59 degree 
Blade Length: 9cm 
Color: Black

Basic Information

Product weight: 0.250 kg 
Package weight: 0.470 kg 
Product Dimension: 22.00 x 4.50 x 0.40 cm / 8.66 x 1.77 x 0.16 inches 
Package Dimension: 23.00 x 5.50 x 2.50 cm / 9.06 x 2.17 x 0.98 inches


Package Contents: 1 x HX OUTDOORS D2 Straight Knife, 1 x Sheath ( with Flintstone )

I wont bore you too much with written details as I have a full video review of the Rok below

* Video Review & Testing 
The Rok Survival Knife

* Where To Buy 
The Rok Survival Knife

The Rok is manufactured in China.
Some of you may be fidgeting nervously now - with sweaty palms at the mention of a knife made in China..!
I used to be like that too, but don't worry, your in safe hands here - I conquered my fear of the words 'Made In China', and especially when it's preceded by 'This Knife is'.

But it's not that bad folks, especially when you consider the vast amount of 'so called' high end knives like Buck, Sog, Gerber, who all have knives made there too - yes, it's a fact, check it out. Big manufacturers having their knives made in China is very cost effective for them, as they can hype up the price once they brand with their name.

Materials are the same, if not better. Manufacture is top notch too - so grow a pair and man up.

This is a very good knife, nuff said..!

Steve Hart UK Prepper

Hope you found this review useful - the Rok certainly is a very good knife offering great value for your money. 
Delivery can vary - I have had gear shipped to me in as little as 4 days, just check the shipping date thats displayed on their product page, and then add a week. Works for me.

Overall, a very solid, strong and well made knife that I use a lot. It takes abuse all the time and a knife well worth considering
Happy Prepping Folks,  Steve

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