Best EDC Pen – Review Of The Open 2 From Olight

Olight Open2

Is This The Best EDC Pen

It is quite possible that I have found the best EDC pen that's available for preppers...!

Every prepper should have an EDC  (every day carry) with them at all times.
Even for the odd things that crop up now and then, an EDC pack is an essential piece of kit.
One item that is often forgotten is the humble pen. But not any old pen, more precisely, a Tactical EDC Pen.

What Is A Tactical EDC Pen?

A tactical EDC pen is just a fancy name for a pen that can perform many useful functions.

Essentially the idea of an EDC pen is to give you more options with one bit of gear and the Olight Open2 certainly does that.

So I decided to give one of these pens a full test and review to see what the fuss is all about.!

Review & Test Of The Open2 by Olight

Firstly, to make this the best EDC pen it has got to have a robust build quality. That means no flimsy plastic and everything in the right place, making it easy to use and practical.

Secondly, it must have more than one function. The Open2 has defiantly surpasses this with four of the most important EDC functions.

Charging by USB typeC you will get a healthily 10 hours runtime and it's fully charged after only 55 minutes.

* to charge you simply unscrew the light from the main body and plug in, you can still use the pen during this time.
* an indicator light will show you that's it's charging.

Using a buit in and much trusted 3.7 V 110mAh  Rechargeable Lithium battery, this gives you a Cool White light from the LED's

Features Of The Open2

  • Superb Build Quality
    The Open2 is manufactured from type 3 anodized Aluminum alloy to both the body as well as the light section.  Stylish body groves allowing you a good positive grip.
    Measuring in at 145.0g / 5.7 inches and weighing only 1.34oz / 38g, this pen will fit snugly into you EDC pack.
    If you'd prefer, it has a solid clip which can be attached to your belt or part of you gear.
  • Multi Lumen Light Output
    Four light modes: 5 Lumems through to 140 Lumens with lockout facility to prevent accidentally switching on.
  • Cap, Shirt & Freestanding Torch
    The Open2 can be detached from the pen body, this has a firm pen clip which can then be added to you cap or shirt to give you portable light source.
    It also has the ability to be used as a freestanding torch.
  • Self Defence
    As this pen-torch is all metal build with a good grip it makes a very good tactical defence weapon.  
Review of the Open2  tactical pen
  • Makes The Perfect EDC Gift Present
    As the Open2 comes in a superb presentation box it would make the perfect gift for any prepper...!
Open2 - The Best LED Pen

current price: £49.95

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My Conclusion Of The Open2

As far as making the the best EDC pen goes, I have nothing to say other than: it's a must have bit of kit for all preppers.
Robust and oozing quality, you wont go wrong with Open2 form Olight.

Happy prepping Folks,


Good Quality all round



As a pen, it writes very nicely, smooth and consistent. I really like the U lock mechanism and find myself fiddling with it quite often, the overall construction is solid, it doesn't feel flimsy in the slightest. This is likely due to the size which is my only downside to it as a pen, it's very thick and takes a bit of time to get used to writing with it.

The torch is crazy bright though, I didn't expect it to be as bright as it is which is a downside for the lowest setting as I wouldn't say this is a true moonlight setting.

My OPen was part of a bundle and received as a gift so I am very happy with it and am sure it will last a lot longer than other pens I'd include in my kit.

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Good, but ...



Really good quality and nice design. Worth treating myself to one.

But .. few minor things that could be easily done better: #1 pocket clip is very stiff, not practical for daily use; #2 "bolt-action" lock could be easily pushed to switch off the pen, slightly deeper upward cut might help; #3 no hold switch button to "lock" light function like on other Olights (e.g. H1R)

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Awesomeness at my finger tips............



From the packaging to the product it all screams quality. Fits nicely on my backpack strap for easy access to write notes or to use the torch when needed. I work in outdoor fitness so I need a strong build and reliability, this product supplies both........

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