Black Wolf Survival Kent Gathering 2019

Kent Gathering Friday 4th - Sunday 6th October 2019

This year, for the first time Black Wolf Survival & Bushcraft are going to be hosting a Bushcraft Gathering at their 120 acre woodland site in Kent. 

Members of the Black Wolf team, some special invited guests and, hopefully, some members of the Living To Learn admin team will be running a series of demos.

There will also be classes and workshops throughout the weekend on subjects including, primitive fire lighting, friction fire, carving, shelter building, tracking & trapping, wild food & cooking, game prep and much more.

Tickets are only £35 per person for the entire weekend and from that they will be using funds to help with maintenance projects, wildlife conservation and tree planting at the woodland.

Site will be open from 9am on Friday 4th October through to 7pm on Sunday 6th October.

Tickets to this event are limited so I suggest that if your interested you secure your place now and I'll see you there....

Steve Hart  -  UK Preppers Guide