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Best LED Torch – KLARUS ST11 Tactical torch – full test & video review

klarus st11 front view

KLARUS ST11 Tactical torch – full test & video review Buying a torch that’s suitable for prepping is far more in depth than just going to your local store and trying to pick up the best LED torch for your money.   In fact, it is essential to go to the more specialist manufacturers to get a true preppers torch that has all …

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Hi Tec Phoenix Hiking Boots – Test and Review

Hi Tec Phoenix Hiking boots

 Hi Tec Phoenix Waterproof Hiking Boots – full test & reviewClick all images for larger view   I have chosen the Hi Tec Phoenix Hiking Boot for this weeks review as it is an excellent choice of boot, especially if you prefer the more modern styling for your hiking boots as compared to the military style boots in the …

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Survival EDC – Stash Cash Waterproof Money Clip

cash stash money storage

Survival Every Day Carry – Stash Cash Waterproof Money Clip  Cash is king – and when the SHTF and the CashPoint Machines don’t work and no one can buy anything electronically you WILL NEED CASH. There are certain items that make up the parts of every preppers EDC and ensuring you have cash with you …

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Magnum Boots

magnum tactical boots loge

 MAGNUM BOOTS FOR SURVIVAL & EVERYDAY USE  The Magnum range of quality footwear is probably one of the very best choices of boots for any prepper, walker or hiker. Worn by SWAT, Military Forces, Law professionals and survivalist, these boots offer any prepper the very latest in design and technology. Below is my top 6 from the MAGNUM range – for …

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Magnum Original Side Zip Boots Review

side view of the Magnum Original Side Zip Tactical Boots

Magnum Original SIde Zip Tactical Boots Review In this survival kit review I am testing a pair of Original Side Zip boots from Magnum. The side zips are part of Magnum’s “Force” range and very much a tactical boot. In the review I take these boots for a nice 10k hike across fields and through forest with very uneven and muddy ground …

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What is an epidemic

medic with face mak

How to Prepare for and Survive an Epidemic  What is an epidemic? An epidemic occurs when there are new cases of a certain disease among a given human population during a given period, and that disease substantially exceeds what is expected, based on recent experiences. It is not to be confused with an “outbreak” which …

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Best Paintball Pistol for Self Defence

paintball gun diagram

Best Paintball Pistol for Self DefenceThere are many Paintball Handgun manufacturers that are available in the UK all offering their pistols at varying prices.The best advice is to shy away from the cheaper ones.A Paintball Handgun is a precision made bit of kit and, as a general rule you will be spending upwards of £175 for a decent pistol. Plus any …

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Paintball Guns for Self Defence

paintball gun firing in feild

Paintball Guns For Self Defence Another very effective Non Lethal Weapon that’s available to all over 18s in the UK, is the Paintball Gun, or Paintball Marker as they are known by anyone who takes part in paintballing.Using Paintball Guns For Self DefenceThese guns are by no means toys and can do some serious damage.They …

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Folding Lock Knives Review and For Sale

Folding Lock Knives Review and For Sale This article is solely about folding lock knives:The locking knife is far more desirable than a non locker, and far more useful for everyday and survival tasks. They are the middle man between the fixed blade knife and the non locking pocket knife, which makes them a very …

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Gorilla Tape for Survival

gorilla tape header photo

Gorilla Tape for SurvivalWe all know the sticking power and versatility of Duct Tape and its many uses, especially for emergency and permanent repairs. But for preppers, there’s only one tape you can rely on to give you peace of mind and know it’s going to work – so much so that every prepper should be using Gorilla …

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My Prepping Plan

Guest Article:   My Prepping Plan, by Fango As with most preppers here in the UK, I struggle to build up my supplies and prepping equipment. With the recession only just starting to fade it’s been a very difficult few years to even survive the day to day running of my home and family, let alone splash out on …

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Best Billhook Guide

man using a billhook machete

Best Billhook For Survival And Prepping Guide The billhook is a relatively unknown preppers tool that will do many survival tasks and is often the preferred “larger Knife’ being able to do the heavy duty survival work that is often needed with ease. This “big knife” was traditionally used as a basic cutting tool on farms to trim bushes …

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