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Essential Survival Aids – Bushbox Hobo Pocket Stove Review

bushbox hobo survival stove

 Bushbox Hobo Pocket Stove Review   Manufactured in Germany and made of 100% stainless steel, this survival stove is definitely one of the most compact units I have seen. In this review I will cover the assembly and dismantle of the Bushbox Hobo Outdoor Pocket Stove as well as finding out  “Does It Work In The Field’.? Specifications: …

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Esbit Pocket Survival Stove Review

esbit pocket survival stove for preppers

Esbit Pocket Survival Stove Review If you are one of those preppers wishing to travel light and compact, there are a few choices of cooking stoves available to you on the market today. But for sheer simplicity and ease of cooking I think the Esbit Pocket Stove ranks among the top. I wanted to see exactly how …

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What Are The Basic Survival Skills

What are the basic survival skills When SHTF and the choice of hunkering down or bugging out has to be made. If that choice is to bug out then it becomes a real survival situation, every prepper should know them, but what are the Basic Survival Skills for staying alive. Without these skills your chances of survival …

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Emergency Preparedness – Parasites and Bacteria

parasite tick picture

Emergency Preparedness – Parasites and Bacteria    Keeping your body clean is the first line of defence and one of the better ways of keeping parasites and bacteria out of wounds. Bacteria on the hands can enter the body through your eyes, nose and mouth. Parasites can enter the body through the feet and open wounds, so …

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Emergency Preparedness – Insect Bites

insect on arm

Emergency Preparedness – Insect Bites  Always ensure you are fully aware of any allergies to insect bites or bee stings – if not, you should consult a medical professional for testing straight away. Because, finding out you are allergic to bees, for example, once you are stranded and in a survival situation can be fatal. Anaphylactic shock is …

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Emergency Preparedness – Hypothermia

Emergency Preparedness – Hypothermia   Prevention must be part of your emergency preparedness, however, in some cases you may not be able to prepare properly so it is important that you know how to protect yourself using what is available in your environment. Preventing injuries, and being proactive in protecting yourself against things like hypothermia, …

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Guest Post: My Best Survival Knife

gerber ultimate pro photo

 My Best Survival Knife  Guest Post by, MonkeyPrepper What is all the fuss about choosing the best survival knife.? There is just so much information on line nowadays that surely it must be easy to decide what is best for you.? Now obviously, as a prepper, I have several survival knives – that goes without …

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Survival Skills for Hunting and catching your Food

girl with bow - survivalist

How use Survival Skills to Set Snares and Traps Along With Fishing and HuntingHaving enough survival skills to obtain food in the wild is very important to any prepper – While you can survive for weeks without food, it is not recommended you try. You can always obtain food if you have the skills needed to …

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Best LED Flashlight Torch

LED flashlight beam

Best LED Flashlight Torch for Preppers A LED torch is an essential prepping item for all occasions.   You need one at home, in the car, in your EDC and BOB. Without doubt the improvements in technology and manufacturing have given rise to much better equipment. For a survival situation it is very important to choose …

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Wild Elk Paracord

Wild Elk Paracord

Wild Elk Paracord What is Wild Elk Paracord.?Quite simply it’s probably the best manufacturer of paracord in the world. A huge statement to make but Wild Elk Paracord is manufactured for all the US forces and beyond and extensively tested to exceed the 550lb minimum break strength. There are, of course, other paracord manufacturers out there and this article …

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Best Water Filter Straw for Survival

drinksafe water straw

Best Water Filter Straw for Survival  Every Prepper should have several means by which safe drinking water is available regardless of the survival situation and there are several very good choices on the market but what is the Best Water Filter Straw for Survival..?For a quick, on the spot ‘top up’ a Filter Straw is the best method. However, …

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Best Emergency Water Purification For Bugging Out

man filling a lifesaver jerry can

Best Emergency Water Purification For Bugging Out    Once the decision has been made to Bug Out,  all preppers should be fully prepared with a full Bug Out Survival Kit loaded and ready to go. This must include a good water purification method. So choosing the Best Emergency Water Purification For Bugging Out becomes very important for …

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