Gorilla Tape for Survival

Gorilla Tape for Survival

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We all know the sticking power and versatility of Duct Tape and its many uses, especially for emergency and permanent repairs. But for preppers, there's only one tape you can rely on to give you peace of mind and know it's going to work - so much so that every prepper should be using Gorilla Tape for Survival and carry a roll in every bug out bag.

This tape has many more features over the normal duct tape we are used to using and is made specifically as a stronger, more durable product that is ideal for us preppers.

One of the great features is that the tape is available in several different colours which include the great Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity Camouflage print - this is ideal for wrapping around just about anything you want to use when out in the forest.

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What are the main feature to using Gorilla Tape for Survival.

  • MATTE FINISH — non reflective top layer make this perfect for all covert style uses. Especially when hunting.
  • 8 MTR ROLL — this is the perfect size to fit into a bug out bag side pocket and is very light weight
  • 48mm WIDE - can be ripped down the middle and twisted  into rope strands
  • PERMANENT ADHESIVE LAYER — it will stick firmly 
  • OUTER SHELL - fully water resistant and also UV resistant
  • THICK FABRIC LAYER — extra tough and thick, yet you can easily tear it  by hand
  • ADHESION - this will stick to most surfaces a prepper would need. Smooth or rough or uneven surfaces are no problem
  • CAMOUFLAGE - the mossy oak break up camo finish is great and really effective

The best thing for us preppers is this tape comes in various colours, but even better is the Camouflage print design.
They have used one of the better designs in the Mossy Oak Break Up, which blends with almost anything in the forest.
This is great as you can really go to town on your equipment, especially the glossy black surfaces....

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[easyazon_link identifier=”B008UEWIW6″ locale=”UK” tag=”ukpreppersguide-21″]Gorilla 8m Camo Tape[/easyazon_link]

Using Gorilla Tape for Survival is definitely something worth carrying in your bug out bag, car or at home.

It's an all round great prepper product. You can even use it to waterproof and camouflage your hat..!

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