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  Top Ten Survival Skills 


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Water is life - without water you will barely last three whole days before your entire body starts to shut down - it may be a little longer depending on your survival situation, but don't get your hopes up, anything more than three days and you're knocking on deaths door..!


Now this is not good news if you're in an emergency survival situation.


Remember, anything could cause your water supply to become undrinkable from contamination both natural or terrorist. Your taps can stop running if there's a power shortage and the pumps can't run. In fact there's loads of minor reasons that could cause a major situation. 


Add this to the fact that you cannot drink just any old water that's laying around, then things can go south pretty fast.

Salt water is a definite no no, and from there you must decide what represents the lesser risk if you have to drink from any other place like a stagnant pond or a free flowing mountain stream.

To most of us preppers having the knowledge to be able to produce safe drinking water from these sources is a survival skill that requires learning and putting into practice.

In theory, you can drink just about any water. In practice you have to decide how much of a risk you are prepared to take by drinking that water.

The difference between your choice can mean life or death - as simple as that. 

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With no modern means of purifying your drinking water, these traditional skills must be leaned, as in a desperate survival situation you make have to use them.

It's the ultimate catch 22 - without water you WILL die - if you don't have the survival skills to get water and make it safe to drink, then, at the very least, you will become ill, dehydrate even more and then die...!

This is one of the big essential survival skills you MUST learn.
So, do you think you get drinking water..?


So what do you need to do - see next page here >  How to get safe drinking water


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 Top 10 Survival Skills

  1. Shelter
  2. Find Food
  3. Make Fire
  4. Find Water
  5. Sanitation
  6. Medical Requirements
  7. Personal Protection
  8. Grow Your Own Food
  9. Preserving & Storing Food
  10. Signalling & Communication