How To Make A DIY Bushcraft Knife With Basic Tools

How To Make A DIY Bushcraft Knife
Using Basic Workshop Tools

I thought it was about time I tried my hand at making myself a decent bushcraft knife, and in this article I have added my full video of: 'How To Make  DIY Bushcraft Knife Using Basic Workshop Tools And Equipment', for you to follow along with me and see how I completed the knife show above.

It took me a little while to complete, and actually, being patient and taking your time is a key factor when making your own knife. If you just steam ahead and rush it, there's a good chance of making a few mistakes.

  • TOP TIP: All of the parts for this knife were from English Handmade Knives who are one of the UKs leading suppliers of knife blanks, fittings and materials for a whole range of different knives. 

To be honest, if you cant find what your looking for at English Homemade Knives then it probably doesn't exist..!

There was a massive choice of materials to choose from, but once I had selected my materials it was full stream ahead with the build.
It was, of course, a massive learning curve for me as I have never made a knife before and I found starting this way, with buying the basic equipment, meant I could select exactly the type of knife I wanted, and exactly the style I liked as well.
For anyone thinking of making their own bushcraft knife, I think this is probably the best way to go about it.

Blade selection is very important and I listened to Chris's advice and selected the Enzo Trapper as it fitted exactly what type of knife I wanted to finish off with.

Explaining the whole process would take forever, so I have produced a full video for those of you that are interested in making your own DIY bushcraft knife like I have done.

As you can see, the knife turned out pretty good and I was very pleased with the final results.
Since making the knife I have been able to use it and test it out man times, and if you watch any of my bushcraft videos on the UK Preppers Guide YouTube channel, you can see me using it regularly.

I hope this article has inspired you to have a go yourself - you never know until you try eh...!

Happy Prepping Folks, Steve