Top Ten Survival Skills – Preserving and Storing Food

Top Ten Survival Skills 


In a disaster situation or worse still a doomsday scenario your main daily chores will be, quite simply, to survive and feed yourself and your family.

The longer you become accustomed to surviving the easier life will become.


You will become far more skilled at hunting and trapping for food. At catching and skinning and cooking fish and animals. You will begin small farming plots and grow your own vegetables and crops - all survival skills that you should know and can improve on.

But there are times during the year when there is an abundance of foods and other times when the land is bare and food is far more harder to come across.

It therefore makes sense to try and preserve as much of that food as you can when its in abundance.

You must prepare for the lean times.

Sometimes it may not be possible to even hunt for your food. When this happens you must have the survival skills to preserve and store the foods that you have caught in the good times of the year.

Building up a supply of food for the 'bad' times of the year is essential for all preppers.

There are many ways to increase the life of your food and make your food safe as well - we all know the beauty of MRE's and dehydrated meals with their lifespan of up to 25 years in some cases, and yes, these are definitely something we should consider stocking up with.

They will help through the hard times, but learning how to naturally preserve your food will help you for ever.

Of course, as a prepper, it is important to already be preserving your own foods in the home - you can make very cost effective food stores that have a good shelf life in your own kitchen right now - and you should be doing this to help build up you food supplies.  

One of the most effective methods is to use a Food Dehydrator combined with a Vacuum Sealer which give an excellent supply of food with minimal storage space.

For some more information see my article on  Food Storage Prepping Equipment 


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 Top 10 Survival Skills

  1. Shelter
  2. Find Food
  3. Make Fire
  4. Find Water
  5. Sanitation
  6. Medical Requirements
  7. Personal Protection
  8. Grow Your Own Food
  9. Preserving & Storing Food
  10. Signalling & Communication