Importance Of Bugout Training And Practice

Importance Of Bugout Training And Practice

Finding the time to fit everything into our hectic lives is pretty much an impossible task.  There is always too much to do.  There's always something that has to be juggled about to make way for something else.

We prioritise this and prioritise that, but still things get left out or just put on the back burner never to be thought about again.

We should be all making our prepping plans with 'to do' lists and schedules for all of our emergency supplies and equipment.

But when you think about it, what's the biggest decision you would expect to make in a SHTF situation?

To me, it's quite obvious
making the decision whether to bugout or stay put?

Bugout Will Be One Of Your
 Biggest Decisions

Yes, you may have a good bugout bag and kit packed and ready, for both a short term bugout and possibly even a full on, longer term event and an INCH bag full to the brim, and yes, you may well have a list of scenarios where you know just when the decision will be made to go.

But what more have you done to ensure you know the procedure, and what's actually involved in getting to an area safe enough where you can lay low, below the radar and ride out any problem.?

If you have not been out and tested your bugout gear, then your in for a surprise.
All the planning, and all the thinking you know stuff will very quickly change change unless you actually try it.
There's never only one way to do something, and there are lots of possibilities to test out in order to see what suits you the best.

I cannot stress enough the importance of bugout training and practice.

It doesn't have to be full on and all serious either - you can make it fun, enjoy it, and enjoy the experience.  You WILL make loads of mistakes, that's what it's all about. Learning what suits you.  Learning skills that you can only learn by doing it.

Below is a short video I have made showing some of the bushcraft skills you can practice when doing your bugout training and practice.
Remember, make it an enjoyable experience and learn from it.

Steve Hart UK Prepper
As you can see in the video, bugout practice can be a very pleasant way to spend a weekend.
But remember, you'll always learn something new that can be added to your knowledge and how you approach a bugout scenario. 

 As I always say, having good kit that works for you is essential, and can also be a very personal thing.  Some "experts" go on about having this or that, and this is better than that.  But to be honest, the only way to find out is to get out there and have a go.
Don't be fooled into thinking it's easy simply because some TV celeb, survival monkey says so.! 
Happy Prepping Folks, Steve

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