Long Term Bugout Survival | Cutting Tools | Part 3

Real Life Long Term
B​ugout | Survival
part 3

What do you need for long term survival in a bugout scenario?
Part 3

In bushcraft and survival you will always here the saying, "The 5 C's Of Survival". This is just a term to help you remember the most important and essential items needed to ensure you have a chance of surviving in the wild.
This is The 5 C's:


In part 3 of this series, long term bugout and survival, I look at cutting tools and what you should be carrying in your pack, and the first item is a suitable knife for wood carving / bushcraft tasks.
In my opinion, you wont go far wrong with a Mora knife like the Mora Garberg Outdoor Knife shown below.

This type of knife has a scandi grind blade, ideal for most bushcraft chores, it's an easy grind to sharpen, as well as being a strong grind.

Some people will spend hundreds of pounds on handmade knives, and that's all well and good, and I have no problem with that at all.
But the Mora brand is a very tried and tested knife that is pretty much bomb proof, and ideal for long term bugout.
*see full Mora knife article here:

Two Is One,
And One Is None..!

In the world of prepping and survival, having two of something means that if you loos one of them, your still have another to fall back on.
This very much applies to cutting tools, and knives in particular.
So I would always have a backup knife in my long term survival pack. They don't necessarily need to be the same, just similar sized, but definitely have two.

As a backup knife, it's worth considering a larger knife, with thicker blade, for bigger tasks. Typically something like the Böker Fahrtenmesser survival knife would be a good choice.

With a 4.5mm thick. full tang blade, this knife also has a scandi grind but with addition of a secondary bevel, making it ideal for larger wood battoning and larger bushcraft tasks. 

Classed as a survival, or hunting knife, it is definitely a worthwhile knife to consider for long term survival.

Essential Cutting Tools

In addition to a knife, you will need a means to procure and process wood, and I suggest a compact folding saw like the Bahco Laplander Folding Saw, or the Silky Super Accel Folding Saw, both shown below:

Silky Pocket Boy In Action

Theses are both very good pocket saws and will last a long time, I have both and personally prefer the Silky, but many people swear by the Laplander, but a definite must have in your long term bugout bag.

Another essential cutting tool is the Buck Saw.
A Buck Saw is quite compact and you can easily carry a selection of lightweight blades as spares and also blades that have different cutting teeth to cope with wet or dry wood.

This Buck Saw is sold on the RAy Mears website

The Ray Mears Buck Saw, shown above, is ideal but a very expensive saw, available from the Ray Mears website, it comes in at £150 plus postage....
This is massively overpriced, and definitely not worth paying that sort of money for it - sorry Ray..!

I would suggest you look around when buying a Buck Saw, I did exactly that and found there are a few craftsman about producing quality work.
I found this excellent saw being made Les Davidson, who incidentally happens to chief Instructor at Wildcrafts.co.uk

The cost: £48 plus postage.
So well worth a visit to his website for gear as well as bushcraft courses and instruction.

The craftsmanship of this saw is excellent and the the whole tool breaks down into a compact size with the blade being concealed within the two outer legs.

Most Essential Long Term Survival Cutting Tool

The final, and some would say, most essential cutting tool for long term bugout and survival, is the axe.

These are my two personal axe's.  The Helko Werk Forest Axe and the Bahoc Small Standard Axe

An axe is a very versatile cutting tool and will give you a lot options when it comes to procuring and processing wood.
Chopping, battoning, hammering and evening feathering wood is possible by using an axe, so having one with you in your long term bugout bag is a definite must have.

The final essential cutting tool to add to your long term bugout bag is a multitool. Another essential, must have piece of equipment that is so much more than just a cutting tool..

A good multitool, like the Leatherman Wave shown above, not only offers a quality, sharp knife, a serrated edge knife and a saw, but also 14 other essential survival tools.

There are a lot of multitools to choose from, but generally Leatherman is the leader in this field of tools.
The Swiss Army Knife is also another option, but lacks in the quality of pliers it offers.
Pliers are a very good tool to have, and I would always pick a multitool that has this feature.

Not a cutting tool - but very necessary

Two more very necessary tools to have in you bug out bag are digging tools;

  1. small folding shovel.
  2. Entrenching Tool (E-Tool)

Folding shovel.

This has many uses, but primarily for digging out roots when foraging. e.g; cat tail roots or wild garlic.
Another main job of this tool is digging your 'poop hole'. Essential that you dig a hole.
** remember - at least 100mts from you camp & 100mts away from any water supply.

Entrenching Tool:

Essential equipment for digging larger holes, scraping away soil.
Ideal tool for digging out a 'Dakota Fire Hole' or scraping ice and snow.

And finally: Safety glasses....!

Safety Glasses:

Probably the most underestimated and definitely the most forgotten piece of equipment.
 You are cutting, chopping and generally doing chores that can potentially lead to getting a lump of razor sharp stone or needle sharp piece of wood straight in your eye!

I hate H&S as much as anyone, but when the SHTF I want to keep both eyes! 

Cutting tools give you the means to procure wood, make shelter, process game

 and do a host of other task, including acting as a self defence weapon.

The items above must be included in your long term bugout bag.

In the next part of this series I concentrate on the equipment you need inside your bugout bag.

Steve Hart - UK Preppers Guide

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