Long Term Bugout Survival | Equipment On Outside Of Bug Out Bag | Part 2

Real Life Long Term bug out:
​Preliminary Equipment
On Outside Of Bug Out Bag
part 2

What do you need for long term survival in a bugout scenario?

Before you start to add gear to the inside of your pack, I would suggest starting from the outside, as there are certain items that should be accessible immediately.

Your bugout plan may be to go on foot or by vehicle, or even by bicycle, but whatever it is, these are the essentials that are needed, and must be accessible to you straight away. 

Equipment NOT Inside Your Bugout Bag

In my opinion, the number one, most essential item to have with you, and on the OUTSIDE of your bugout bag, meaning it is easily accessible in an emergency is, a good first aid kit.

Get yourself a decent pouch (with Molle attachments is ideal), like the ones shown below, and fix to the outside of your bugout bag

For more information on essential items for your first aid kit, see Safety First Aid For Preppers.

Remember, a properly equipped first aid pack is an absolute must have - do not leave home without it....

Other Items NOT Inside Your Long Term Bugout Bag

Along with your main bugout bag, it will be necessary to keep the following within grabbing range, and if possible, strapped to the outside of your pack.
I consider these essential items and a must have for long term bugout.

A lightweight, rimed, waterproof hat that has a securing strap.

This is the Trekmates Explorer Mid Brim Walking Hat, it will give protection from rain as well as being UV50 resistant. Many people neglect the importance of wearing a hat, especially in the woods.
It can protect from bugs and stray branches cutting into your head, as well help as breaking up you 'human' silhouette 

Always have a pair of **worn in** waterproof, ankle high boots ready and waiting to slip on, alongside your bugout bag..

This boots are the Berghaus Men's Hillmaster II Gore-Tex Walking Boots

This type of boot is very hard wearing - do not rely on any old trainers or boots.
Get yourself decent ones that will last, and make sure they are well worn in.

I have had the same pair of boots for over 5 years now, so I know they are comfortable and capable of many miles without discomfort.

A lightweight, waterproof jacket that also has a built waterproof hood must be included with your kit.

This is the The North Face Men's Sangro Outdoor Hooded Jacket it will give protection from heavy rain when needed, and I would suggest getting one size up.I do this in case I need to have a warm fleece on underneath.
This type of jacket is breathable as well, allowing any moisture build up to wick away.

The three items above are 'must haves' and should be ready and waiting along with your long term bugout bag.
Also remember, the jacket has pockets and you may want to add some gloves, maybe eye protection, or other essential items.

What Now?

Having chosen a good quality, large bugout bag, and having some ancillary items (hat, jacket and boots) ready and waiting, you can now start to concentrate on your actual survival equipment for long term bugout.

Choosing the right gear to take with you can be somewhat of a personal decision, but there are many general items and equipment that must be added in order to increase your chances of survival.

In the next part of this series I concentrate on tools - more specifically, cutting tools.

Steve Hart - UK Preppers Guide

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