Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Will Lead To UK Food Shortages

The unprecedented invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces will have far reaching effects on the global economy, leading to UK food shortages and fuel price increases.

Not right now, not in a month, but in the very near future we will all be feeling the aftermath of the invasion and the subsequent sanctions the world is imposing on Russia itself.  

Russia is one of the largest suppliers of nitrogen fertiliser throughout the world.
This is a massive problem and when farmers don’t get nitrogen fertiliser for their new crops, these crops will deliver a vastly lower yield.

Russia is also the second biggest supplier of oil and gas in the world.
Having these supplies reduced or worse still, cut off, would mean that the oil prices will increase very significantly, which will inevitably feed through to food prices.

Now is the time to start building your own emergency food supply

Below is my simple, low cost emergency food list for one months supply of long life food.
It is a no frills list, with everything you need that easy to store in a small space.

You can expand on this list and add foods that are more suitable for you, but everything is readily available, off the shelf, from local supermarkets.

Start building up a food supply now. Don't leave it to the last minute, it may be gone...!

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