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How To Filter Dirty Water Using Lifesaver Liberty Portable Water Filter Bottle Test And Review

How To Filter Dirty Water  Lifesaver Liberty Portable Water Filter Bottle   Water procurement, or more precisely, having clean, safe to drink, water must be ranked as the number one priority for survival and being able to filter dirty water is essential. Especially after any disaster or SHTF event.It has been proven that without this any water filtering …

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What Is The Best Filter Water Bottle For Prepping And Emergencies

What Are The Requirements Of A Good Filter Water Bottle With so many products in the marketplace it makes choosing the right filter water bottle that will give you clean, safe drinking water is a bit of a minefield!So what can be done to ensure you choose the right one for you needs?Firstly I’m not talking …

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How to Find Water and Filter and Purify or Distill Using the Sun

man drinking dirty water

How to Find Water and Filter and Purify or Distill Using the Sun Knowing how to purify water will save your life. You may think that because you are miles from civilisation that any water source would be safe to drink but this is not the case.After obtaining shelter, water is your next priority and …

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Three Simple Yet Effective Rain Water Harvesting Methods

Three Simple Yet Effective Rain Water Harvesting MethodsLet’s face it, life is not perfect and in fact, at times it can be pretty harsh and cruel, and unfortunately, that means that disaster can potentially strike at any time. These disasters in question could come in a variety of different forms, including: Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, …

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Can You Drink Rain Water

raindrops in hand

Can You Drink Rain Water?Collecting water can be a great way to conserve resources but can you drink rain water?Collecting rain water at home or in a survival situation may well be your only choice for drinking water.However, rainwater is not quite as pure and clean as you may might think, so never assume the …

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Drinking Water Safety For The Coronavirus Pandemic

water filtration fro survival

Drinking Water Safety For The Coronavirus PandemicDo we need to be concerned about the water supply being compromised during the coronavirus pandemic?The current position on the UK’s water purity is, at the moment, considered low. But as clean, safe drinking water is the single most important factor for survival and the UK’s current uncertainty, it …

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Best Emergency Water Filter Bottle For Camping, Survival And SHTF

Emergency Water Filter Bottlefor camping, survival and SHTF  In the past I have used and reviewed many types of systems that will give safe drinking water, but could this really be the best emergency water filter bottle yet?!  Everyone knows a story about someone who has been very ill as a result of drinking contaminated water …

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Drinking Water Myths and Wives Tales [updated]

Drinking Water Myths And Wives TalesThere are many drinking water myths and wives tales about finding and drinking water in a survival or disaster situation. By following these old tales you could easily land up in a worse condition than when you started…They could even lead to severe illness and even death. Below is the most commonly …

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How Much Water Should A Prepper Store Before The SHTF

How Much Water Should A Prepper Store For A Disaster Or SHTF  When the SHTF and an emergency hits us all, life as we know it is going to change, and fast. One of the biggest concerns will be drinking water. Its availability and quality will become reduced, very quickly.We all know bat shit crazy …

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LifeStraw Personal Water Purification Filter Test and Review

man drinking from a lifestraw personal purification filter

LifeStraw Personal Water Purification FilterTest and ReviewThere may be water everywhere, but would you risk just scooping it up and drinking it? If you were in an absolutely desperate situation where you had nothing to drink for days, then maybe it’s a yes. If your life depended on it, then it might be worth the risk. If …

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Simple Safe Water Purification

glass of sea water

Simple Safe Water Purification Methods For Preppers Water is life – simple as that really. Unless your super human, lasting much more than three days without water spells death, and a quite unpleasant one at that. So what is one of the best and easiest ways to achieve Safe Water Purification? ​ There are plenty of …

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Lifesaver Water Filter Bottle – full review

Water Purification For PreppingThe Lifesaver Water Filter Bottle There are a few choices when it comes to filtering and purifying water in a survival situation.From making your own bushcraft style filter using rocks and sand, to building a fire and boiling.But as preppers we all like to keep things nice and simple.Hence, for that reason I …

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