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Swiss Army Knife Guide The Best Multi Tool For Survival

Swiss Army Knife Guide The Best Multi Tool For SurvivalA multi function tool is an essential bit of survival kit to have at home and in your bug out bag. The reason a multi tool is widely accepted as a high priority item by survival preppers is the fact that they can be so versatile, offering a …

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Best Hatchet for Survival and Bushcraft Guide

best hatchet for survival

Guide to the bushcraft hatchet and small axeA hatchet is one of the most important survival tools for any prepper, with the ability to perform most bushcraft tasks. With a good hatchet you can perform just about all the main survival tasks to help keep you alive and comfortable in the wild, in fact, some survival …

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Throwing knives for sale uk

throwing knives for sale

Throwing knives for sale uk Learning how to throw a knife is great fun and there are many throwing knives for sale in the UK. For prepping or survival this skill may well be something worth learning now rather than later. However, it is also painfully annoying, when you think you have it just right, …

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Best Damascus Steel Knives UK

damascus pocket knife

Best Damascus Steel Knives UK Choosing a good bushcraft knife is never an easy task – but when it comes to overall quality, the Damascus steel is one of the finest for your knife blade. The skill of making a damascus blade is centuries old, with different styles creating essentially the same type of ‘folded …

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What is the Best Fish Filleting Knife for survival

best fish filleting knife

 What is the Best Fish Filleting Knife for survival  It is essential to know how to prepare your fish once you have caught it, however, one of the most important tools that will make this job easier is your knife. But, what is the best fish filleting knife and why.   It goes without saying …

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Guest Post: My Best Survival Knife

gerber ultimate pro photo

 My Best Survival Knife  Guest Post by, MonkeyPrepper What is all the fuss about choosing the best survival knife.? There is just so much information on line nowadays that surely it must be easy to decide what is best for you.? Now obviously, as a prepper, I have several survival knives – that goes without …

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Best Billhook Guide

man using a billhook machete

Best Billhook For Survival And Prepping Guide The billhook is a relatively unknown preppers tool that will do many survival tasks and is often the preferred “larger Knife’ being able to do the heavy duty survival work that is often needed with ease. This “big knife” was traditionally used as a basic cutting tool on farms to trim bushes …

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Best Knife Sharpener for Survival Knife

knife with sharp blade

Best Knife Sharpener for Survival Knife So what is the Best Knife Sharpener for Survival Knife for us preppers to use.? It’s all very well having a couple of nice survival knives and a multi tool knife but one of the most important things about your knife is its blade sharpness – especially if you use it when hunting for skinning …

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