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Best LED Head Torch For Bugout, Camping and Hiking

Could This Be The Best LED Head Torch For Bugout, Camping And Hiking? Bugout and Wild Camping are essential skills to practice whenever you can, and having a good wild camp kit, with the right gear is also essential.As it starts to get dark you normally find yourself beavering away setting up your camp and …

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EDC Everyday Carry Essentials For Preppers

What Are The EDC Everyday Carry Essentials For PreppersPreppers EDC [everyday carry] will consist of mostly the same gear for emergency survival.IT does, however, begin to change as you see people personalising their EDC to fit their particular situations. For example: If I were going to, or working in an harsh environment, I would consider an emergency shelter …

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EDC Must Have Gear | FireMask F60

EDC Must Have Survival Emergency GearFireMask F60Carrying your EDC to and from work is common amongst us preppers. But there are areas we travel in that make an EDC essential and there is one item that is absolutely essential to pack. In A Hurry? How To Avoid Smoke Inhalation During A Disaster fireFireMask F60 Video …

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Good LED Torch For Prepping EDC

Good LED Torch For EDC Everyday Carry remains a topic that is discussed quite a lot among preppers and survivalist throughout the prepping community.So deciding on what items suit the needs of your EDC can need some thought – except a few……A decent torch is one of those items that you simply must have your …

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Best Torch For Camping

Could This Be The Best Torch For Camping & Survival A lot of people view a torch as just something to have handy in one of your kitchen drawers, in case you need it… Of course, being a prepper, I completely disagree.!Skip straight to video review here: A good torch is an absolute necessity and something …

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Best LED Torch – KLARUS ST11 Tactical torch – full test & video review

klarus st11 front view

KLARUS ST11 Tactical torch – full test & video review Buying a torch that’s suitable for prepping is far more in depth than just going to your local store and trying to pick up the best LED torch for your money.   In fact, it is essential to go to the more specialist manufacturers to get a true preppers torch that has all …

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