UK Non Lethal Self Defence Weapon – LED Strobe Torch | Full Review

UK Non Lethal Self Defence Weapon - LED Strobe Torch

With the UK Laws being so strict on the possession of weapons and the carrying of weapons, it makes life very difficult to defend against, would be attackers.

You are breaking the UK law if you are stopped and searched, You are breaking the UK law if you are

However, there are a few reasonable steps you can take to ensure you have a chance of preventing an attack from happening – these are all legal, non lethal and designed to give you the precious few seconds to make an escape without the attacker pursuing you.

in previous articles I cover the Best UK Legal Alternative To Pepper Spray and also Self Defence For Preppers, however, in this article I shall be reviewing another very good alternative UK Legal Non Lethal Defence Weapon.

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The LED Strobe Torch

A torch, in itself, is generally not considered an offensive weapon. It has a very obvious use and carrying one, especially at night, is considered, by the police to be a sensible idea.

*if the torch is modified, IN ANY WAY, to become an actual self defence weapon. Then that is definitely against the current UK weapons laws – so don’t even think of it..!

How can an LED Torch be an effective Self Defence Weapon?

I am not talking a piddly little low powered torch. The type you would get from you local garage – I am referring to a proper quality LED Tactical Torch that offers the features needed to be effective.

The XT11 is an ideal tactical torch for us preppers, and as a non lethal self defence weapon, it is perfectly legal to carry around here in the UK, 99.999% of the time it is exactly what it’s supposed to be – a torch..!

But the XT11 has added features that make it a good self defence weapon if ever needed.

How can a torch help defend against an attack..?


  • With the Klarus XT11 the first thing to bear in mind is that it’s made of metal – an anodised aluminium alloy body, with NO PLASTIC PARTS.
  • It has a metal front facing ‘STRIKE RING’, primarily designed for smashing and breaking glass panels.
  • The torch output is a very high, white light, putting out over 800 lumens light output
  • It has a defensive full power STROBE ACTION which is activated at the touch of a button.
  • Lanyard attachment to ensure you do not accidentally drop it.
  • The military grey anodising makes it inconspicuous at night

Using it as an actual defence weapon would be the very last level of self defence. The law says that if you fear an attack is immanent then you have the right to defend yourself or if an attacker has already got hold of you.

The strike ring, on the front of the XT11 would inflict some serious damage as it is designed as a ‘break glass’ tool. (as you can see in my photo here on the left)So striking someone who is attacking you will certainly make an impact.

The main defence function of the XT11 is the very high powered strobe effect that is activated at the touch of a button.* In any dangerous situation, awareness and trying to pre-empt the danger involved is an essential part of being prepared.

This, in itself, goes a long way to ensuring you are ready for any attack. I have made a short video showing the effectiveness of the XT11 and how it can be used to give you that small window of time to keep your distance from an attack and also make an escape and get away from a dangerous situation.

As you can see in my video, this is another piece of equipment that is well worth adding to your prepping kit.

As well as a full on survival torch I think it’s defensive features are excellent. Yes, I know, it’s not the cheapest of torches, coming in at under £55 from Amazon, but, what you are getting is full on reliability and quality with a huge light output.

The instant reaction I get when strobing this torch at anyone – even for a second or two – is they will immediately put their hands up to cover their eyes and they back off. It’s an instinctive reaction that they cannot stop themselves from doing.

Steve Hart  -  UK Preppers Guide

Klarus XT11 Only

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