When and How to Use Your Survival Seed Bank

When and How to Use Your Survival Seed Bank

As you know, timing is everything. That includes knowing when and how to use your survival seed bank. You don’t want to rush and use the seeds too early - but you don’t want to wait so long that you miss out on the right time.

You need to be aware of which climate zone you live in.

Because you can’t just plant seeds and expect them to grow if the season that you’re currently in would only end up derailing your plans.

All of the seeds should be planted according to the hardiness zone of your area.

What this means is that your area will have a certain level of temperatures that make growing a garden with your survival seeds a viable option.

Planting too soon or too late could not only diminish your crop yield, but you could end up not getting any produce at all - and you don’t want that kind of waste. Plus, counting on having a food supply and ending up not getting it could be a major stressor for you.

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Plant your garden during your climate zone using your survival seeds when you begin to notice that a food crisis is imminent. And make sure you plant it before the time is at hand to need it.

You can feasibly plant with your survival seeds and keep the garden producing for years.
Remember to always aim for a garden that’s as carefree as you can make it.
You’ll want to use your survival seeds to plant a garden that will sustain you and your family with as little fuss as possible.

This way, you won’t be using any physical labour or any other means - such as having to bring in water or set up a water system. You also want to make sure that you plant your seeds in a way that won’t draw attention to whatever it is that you have growing.

If others see it, your garden could be a target.
This means that you can forget about the kind of gardens that you see that have perfectly uniform rows. Instead, plant a garden using your banked survival seeds in a hap-hazard way and let nature help you grow that garden.

Nature is perfectly capable of maintaining crop growth with a minimal amount of effort from you. Lay out the garden so that you’re using the ground wisely.
This means that you’ll want to plant seeds where the crops can grow together in companionship.

You’ll also want to plant your seeds according to the height and sun ratio. That means that you need to plan out your garden in a way so that each plant has access to the sun as well as to the right amount of moisture.

There are some seeds that offer natural pesticide control.

For example, marigold and lavender are both natural pest repellents.

Put the taller plants around in a perimeter to help shade crops that need less sun than other plants.

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Usually, this means you plant your bush type crops. If you use crops that can benefit your pollination purposes, this can help your crops grow.
Plants that are used for pollination purposes are seeds that produce fruit - like blueberries.

Are you someone who doesn’t really
have any experience with growing food..?

Then you’re going to want to know how to do it before the time arrives that you simply must have the knowledge, or else it puts your survival at risk.

Remember, in an emergency situation, you may not be able to log onto the Internet to find the answers you need. The best way to learn how to have a successful garden using survival seeds is by going ahead and getting some seeds and planting a garden.

This way, you’ll already know what to watch for, what didn’t work and what does work in preparation for the time that you do need to have the food supply ready.

I highly advise buying some good vegetable gardening books. These are a really valuable means to refer back to and ensure your doing thing properly to get the very best yield.

Easiest Ways To Ensure You Have A Good Seed Supply

Storing seed and creating a seed bank of various seeds to produce a good stock of essential vegetables is very important. Especially for people who do not have a garden or do not have the time to plant a garden.

But, as with all survival, it's all about being prepared before the vent.

So, it is definitely worth building up a stored seed bank, but why not actually start gardening now, and plant your vegetables and get used to gardening them for your family to eat.
You are then able to save your own seeds, rotate your crops and get yourself used to doing this before the SHTF.

You will then naturally get your own seeds for storage and use the next year. Nature will do the work for you.!

This is the final part of a 3 part series on long term seed storage setup, seed storage bank and seed usage.  

Hopefully, it has been helpful for you and encouraged you to start you seed bank.

Happy Prepping Folks.


Steve Hart UK Preppers Guide

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