Wild Elk Paracord

Wild Elk Paracord

Wild Elk Paracord

What is Wild Elk Paracord.?

Quite simply it's probably the best manufacturer of paracord in the world. A huge statement to make but Wild Elk Paracord is manufactured for all the US forces and beyond and extensively tested to exceed the 550lb minimum break strength.

There are, of course, other paracord manufacturers out there and this article is by no means intended to say they are inferior, but I really like the consistant high quality of the Wild Elk and personally rate this as the very best gear.    

See the full Wild Elk Paracord range here.

Wild Elk ParacordThey give a guarantee that every single foot (or 300mm) of their paracord that they manufacture is produced to exacting standards and is always extensively tested.

Exceeding the 550lb minimum breaking strength and is always manufactured using 100% nylon raw materials.   

Of course the actual original use for Paracord or to give it the real name, Parachute Cord, is not too surprising, yes you've guessed it, well done, in parachutes!

Wilk Elk Paracord

The Wild Elk Parachute Cord is produced in the USA and comes with the rather fancy name of 550 Paracord Type III Commercial Grade. The cord is manufactured to the same very high specification as the military paracord.

The only real difference between the military cord and the commercial cord is the fact that its available in a wide spectrum of rather smart colours well outside the traditional and small specific colour requirements of the military.

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The actual cord is 4mm diameter and has a further seven inner strands giving a breaking strength in excess of 550lb. The beauty of paracord is it versatility and variety of uses for preppers - being so light it is ideal to be included in your bug out kit and lends itself to so many paracord projects with the Paracord Survival Bracelet being the most common.

Nowadays  there are many TV shows that cover bushcraft and survival skills, so it’s little surprise to see the tried and tested 550 paracord has gaining huge exposure amongst the prepping fraternity.

Just  about every survival expert will carry a hank or two of paracord in their survival pack.

One of the best things I like about the cord is its price... you can get a lot of cord for a small amount of your hard earned cash - result..! 

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