Bug Out Bag Survival Kit

Whats In Your Bu​g Out Bag Survival Kit.?

The name Bug Out Bag can be a bit confusing sometimes, being known by several other different names:
Grab Bag, Bug Out bag, 72hr Bag, Survival Bag - all meaning pretty much the same thing though.

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This is the one bit of survival equipment that is kept, packed ready for immediate survival emergencies. But Remember a Bug Out Bag is mainly for emergency evacuation and NOT for long term survival.

There are also lots of emergency ‘grab n go’ survival kits on the market today, all designed for one person to escape a situation fast – I consider these to be more like an advanced EDC kit. (every day carry)

Be Prepared to Bug Out

Being prepared with the best bug out bag that is fully equipped and fully loaded up is probably one of the single MOST important survival tactics you can do if you truly believe a dooms day disaster or a natural disaster will occur during your lifetime.

Having the best bug out bag, that is always fully prepared and close to hand is a very important part of preparing for an immediately dangerous survival situation where it becomes necessary to get out of town fast.

Remember this documented and researched fact - if you can survive the first 72 hours of any emergency or disaster, you will give yourself a 50% higher chance of surviving that disaster.

Where To Keep You Bug Out Bag

If you have spent time preparing the very best bug out bag you can with all the essential for survival, geared to your own specific needs, the next question is where do you store it,?

Quite simply, it does you no good unless its with you, wherever you are.

Sometime this is just not possible, so it may be necessary to prepare several Bug Out Bags – maybe, one for the car, another at a hidden cache point and keep another as close with you as you can.

What's In A Bug Out Bag?

No two Bug Out Bags are the same – No two bug out scenarios are the same either.

So deciding on what items you require is a very personal decision.

But the general rule is you need enough equipment to survive the first 72 hours of a disaster, that meets your specific needs.

Your Bug Out Bag needs to be fully equipped, yet light enough for you to carry, on foot, for possibly many miles.

You will need to move quickly and efficiently to safer ground, so don’t burden yourself down too much – carry only essential survival gear for your needs, requirements, climate and terrain.

You may well need to move quickly and efficiently to safer ground, so don’t burden yourself down too much – carry only essential survival gear for your needs, requirements, climate and terrain - bugging out is all about removing yourself from a dangerous situation and moving on to your pre-planned, safe place.

Remember, a Bug Out Bag is used for an emergency situation only, where you need to escape from danger or from an immediate danger type scenario - it is an aid to getting from point A to B.

However, It is NOT for permanent, long term evacuation.

For a permanent evacuation of your home you must be far more prepared, with provisions and equipment and a long term plan.

Permanent evacuation and bugging out would only become a reality when the SHTF, so if the situation got so bad and you made the decision to leave, it would be a serious decision to make.
So what goes in your Bug Out Bag?

Essentially, you could have any survival item in a Bug Out Bag, but again you must remember whatever you you pack, it is only to get you to a point of safety.  

What Equipment Do You Need In A Bug Out Bag?

  The above is an overview of essential survival supplies - it is not the definitive list by any means and you must adapt and change it to suit your personal requirements.

A Bug Out is a final decision that means you leave your place of safety.
Not to be taken lightly.
The only real way to know what you need is to practice Bug Out scenarios.

Happy Prepping Folks.


Steve Hart UK Preppers Guide
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