What Is SHTF. UK Preppers Acronyms, but what does it mean?


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What are you going to do when the Shit Hits The Fan

The simple truth is – How long do you really think you can survive if a total breakdown happens and what are you going to do when the proverbial Shit Hits The Fan..?
Think about it – The only way to ensure the safety of yourself and your family is to prepare for the onset of a disaster and become one of the many UK Preppers that quietly ‘get on with it’.
Preparedness is being undertaken by more and more British preppers and becoming a UK Prepper is a serious consideration for many who just want some peace of mind .

What you need to prepare for when the SHTF.

1- Forget law and order

As a disaster scenario unfolds it will become harder to control law and order to the point of no law and order.
Remember, police officers, health workers, even the military have families too and will do what’s necessary to help and protect them as would you.
Emergency services will be overstretched and understaffed – It wont take long for law and order to cease and the rule of every man for himself takes over.

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You can't expect the police and other services that protect us to carry on when their own families need them - loyalty to public duties will fail very quickly and be totally outnumbered as demand far outstretches the supply of public servants.
Services will fail in a SHTF situation.

2- Personal Safety

As things get worse, desperate people will want to take what you have. With this comes the threat of violence to you and your family.

Some people have no morals in normal times so imagine what they are going to be like given free reign.
Your safety is one of the most important things in even the most basic forms of SHTF.
You must be prepared for this – and that means proper defensive training tactics.

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Here, in Britain, you CAN have a firearm, legally, BUT risk imprisonment if you try to obtain one illegally. But there are many other legal weapons out there, so be prepared and make sure you own a few well in advance.
If you have the time, then make it your mission to obtain a firearms license or shotgun license - both are relatively easy to get if you have a good police record, but will take time and some 'hoop jumping' to obtain. 

Obviously, a firearm is very high up on your choice of weapon​ for absolute self defence - but remember, we are only talking SHTF and life or death situations where the WROL (Without Rule Of Law) has broken down.

3- Sanitation

This is probably a more effective killer than the marauding crowds.
When SHTF, what happens to all the rubbish that starts to pile up?

Food wastes and human waste, along with animal waste will be a massive problem – after all there will be no dustmen collecting each week and before you know it your toilet wont be flushing either.

The longer the situation goes on the worse the hazard will become. As a UK prepper you must be prepared for this.

It’s pretty much agreed that you will get some warning of a major situation, it may even be a slow build up of information, drip fed to the public by the ‘all important’ government and powers that be.
But when SHTF it’s also agreed among survivaliststhat all hell is going to break loose and you must be prepared for this slow build up and also be prepared for an immediate evacuation of the area if it becomes life threatening

A means of sanitation is essential, and you need to consider a stock of bleach (possibly the number 1 best defence) against bacteria that will put you and your family at a very high risk of disease once things get out of hand.

4 – Food & Supplies

Within days all supermarket shelves would be stripped bare as ‘non-preppers’ go wild and try to stock up on anything they can lay their hands on.

All of the delivery infrastructure will break down as most stores work on ‘last minute’ delivery system rather than carrying huge stocks themselves. This means what you see is what you get – there’s no back up.

empty shelves in supermarket

Even a disaster scenario lasting only one month would bring about a complete change of how people behave towards each other – It would be every man for himself as they try to find food and water for their families.
This would bring out both the best and worse in people.
Some will take and take, by whatever means possible, even violent means, while others will band together and help each other.
From past experience, we see both actions when disaster strikes.

If you have prepared for this,
then you will be able to hunker down and ride out the storm while others fight it out.

Essentially, 'What Is SHTF', is all about being prepared for a major situation, and simply means you take yourself out of the immediate survival equation and, instead of becoming one of the millions having to rely on government help (good luck with that one!), or simply try to  “fend for themselves” along with the millions of other who are woefully unprepared 

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When SHTF your going to have to make the decision whether to Bug Out or Bug In. You need to have a plan for that exact decision. 
If SHTF and your away from your home then your have to be prepared to survive the first 72hrs and that’s where, as a prepper,a good EDC emergency kit is essential, as is learning bushcraft and survival skills.

Potentially, there will be a slow build up to a major situation which will help everyone, prepper or not, to begin acquiring a stash of emergency items – but this will be a fight, and I can guarantee it’ll be ‘handbags at six paces’ and shelves will be stripped clean in no time.

When SHTF it’s going to be up to just one person to look after you and your family
and that person is you – start prepping now.

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Steve Hart UK Prepper

It's never too late to start prepping.

Even a small amount each month will start to add up and give you essentials to last out that important first month of a disaster.​

How are you going to survive if you don't act now??

Happy Prepping Folks,​

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