Bug In or Bug Out | A Prepping Dilemma

Bug In or Bug Out
that's the big question

What do you think you would do if the SHTF?

What would it take for you to leave your home and just go..?

Well, it would take me a lot – I would have to be on the absolute point of a confirmed do or die situation to bug out.

Bugging out sounds all nice and easy, glamorously exciting and an adventure into the unknown.

In fact, some preppers live for the day they can Bug Out for real.

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But hold on there tiger -
Bugging Out should be the absolute, very last solution to your doomsday survival plan.

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Why would you want to just up and leave the safest place you know, especially when you have spent so much time preparing your home for survival?

After all, you have probably spent £1000's acquiring everything you need, all under one roof - and your going to just up and leave...!

By leaving your home, you leave all your preps for someone else, there's just no way you can take everything you've stored, and the moment you walk out that door, your now a homeless refugee.!

Yes, I know some people will argue that your better off getting out of a situation and going it alone

But if you have that mindset, and a few do, the amount of organisation and prepping that's needed if phenomenal.  

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Bug Out Heaven

The idea of running away to a secluded cabin miles from civilization
is an extremely hard thing to do here in the UK.

UK national parks

We simply do not have the thousands of acres of unspoilt wilderness that our American friends have.

They are able to disappear into a vast jungle of totally uninhabited forests scattered all over the United States.

In fact, Northern America has more wilderness than the African rain forests.

We, on the other hand, have over 62 million people crammed on an island the size of a postage stamp..!

There are still some relatively large open spaces for us to go though: Scotland being the place with the most remote areas in which to disappear. 

The amount of research, planning and dedication that's needed to ensure you have a safe Bug Out Location that is well enough 'off grid', but close enough to get to safely, and to ensure your not going to be found, is huge.

Not to mention the costs and time involved.

Yes, it is doable, of course it is. But you will have to be 100% focused on that end goal.  

UK national parks
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There are a few legendary preppers who stand out amongst us for their prepping skills and organisation.

They believe a bug out is the right way and have been prepping for years to achieve this.

It's a very major decision and one that means dedicating an awful lot of time and very specific practice runs to get it all right.

If you are one of the few who have a safe bug out location where you can go and vanish from civilization, then your the envy of many other preppers!!

Let's Look At The Facts - Do You Bug In Or Bug Out?

Bugging In:

  • You know your home, your surroundings, your neighbours - it's your turf.
  • You know the exact amount of provisions you have - you can calculate your survival time.
  • Your family are familiar with your surroundings.
  • You have a set plan to protect your home, with ample and varied weapons.
  • You have all the resources you will need, ready and prepped.

The simple truth is that Bugging In is a far better plan for long term survival and I would never recommend considering a bug out unless you feared for your life.

Bugging Out:

  • How do you expect to actually get to your planned bug out location? on foot, by car, by boat..?
  • Is you bug out location safe?
  • You must have supplies cached - 1/ along the way 2/ at the safe location.
  • How long could you survive there?
  • How prepared are you for long term bug out?
  • How much real survival and bushcraft knowledge do you actually have?
  • Is everyone in the family in agreement with bugging out?

The truth is: you must have several bug out plans....

1: Plan for immediate fast bug out from a disaster situation - e.g: explosion, riot, terror attack etc.
2: Plan for a slower build up to a break down in normal life as the situation gets worse and as you approach a SHTF situation.

Your next most important thing to do is: practice, practice and then practice some more.!

Rehearse for as many scenarios as possible, test yourself and make improvements each time - don't leave anything to chance, and make very sure your family takes part and is prepared too.

If and when to Bug Out will still be a very serious decision to have to make 

Prior to any bug out decision you must have an escape plan and bug out bags ready and waiting to go.
One important factor in your bug out preparation is your choice of bug out bag itself.

Each survival scenario is slightly different and requires a different plan and survival preparation.

But, as always, the key is to be fully prepared for an actual bug out.

The choice as to whether to bug out or bug in, and what will determine that decision, should already be part of your main survival and prepping plan. With timing being the main factor in when to go.

Go too soon and there's always the chance things could get better - return to your home and everything has been ransacked.

Go too late and you may not even make 10 miles down the road! Grid locked traffic, trying to do the same thing, gangs of bad guys high-jacking cars and looting belongings - all real threats and game stoppers for a fleeing prepper.
You don't want to be flapping about trying to make that decision in the heat of the moment -  know what your going to do and when.

So, whatever route you intend to take, make your plans and stick to them.
Gear up on all the kit you need and never stop learning your bushcraft skills.

I can't stress this enough - the knowledge you carry in your head, and your bushcraft and survival skills will keep you alive more than any other piece of equipment in your bug out bag.

Bug out practice is actually great fun to do and a lot of preppers practice this essential survival skill many times over.

These practice runs will always teach you something about your skills or your equipment, and from there you improve.

Happy Prepping Folks.


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